What is Kundalini Meditation?

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Kundalini Meditation is a technique of meditation that works on the entire being: body, mind & spirit combining mantra, breathwork, mudra and focus with the goal of inner awareness and higher consciousness.

It is a highly effective and practical tool to connect with the limitless power you hold within. Through this practice you will learn to master your energy, calm your nervous system, release blocks and strengthen your nervous system.


What To Expect

In Kundalini there is a variety of specific and practical techniques to support you on your journey. Each session we begin by checking-in on how you are feeling — physically, mentally and emotionally as well as setting an intention for the practice. I will then teach you the meditation which will have a combination of breathwork, mantra, mudra (or hand position) and drishti (or eye focus) followed by guidance throughout the practice. 

Each session is a customized experience bringing in elements of coaching, journaling, Reiki and sound healing when it is supportive.


The Experience

During the session you will experience a deep self-awareness. 

You will be on the journey of healing negative thought patterns, connecting to your intuition, releasing energy, resolving patterns that are no longer serving you, feeling an inner peace and profound sense of clarity.

Throughout the session I will be there to guide you, answer any questions and hold a safe and sacred space for your healing and transformation.


Benefits of Kundalini Meditation

You came into this world whole and complete just as your are. Kundalini Meditation gives you the tools to more deeply understand who you are, trust your intuition and connect to a higher power, whatever that means for you.

It is a self-healing practice, and after each session you will leave with practical tools to support you on your journey. 

Benefits of Kundalini Meditation:


Mental Focus

Increase In Energy

Clarity Of MinD


Higher Consciousness

Calms The Nervous System

Releases habits, fears and blocks

Develops The Intuition

Balances The Chakras (Energy Centers)

Promotes Inner Peace

Transform Emotions