Business & Brand Consulting

Whether you need support around up-leveling your existing brand or business, are preparing to launch a new offering or are a multi-passionate human with a million ideas but aren’t sure where to begin, these sessions will offer a clear direction, plan of action and lead you down an inspired path to get clear on your vision and actions steps for success.

Below you will find different areas we can focus on. Depending on the amount of support needed, you can either schedule a one hour session or three hour deep dive.

What you receive:

Either a 60-minute or 3-hour Zoom video call depending on your needs.

After the call you will receive a detailed follow-up email within one business day with a summary of what we discussed, the recommended immediate action steps to take, a recording of the session to refer back to and any resources shared during the call.


option one

business strategy & brand identity

  • Create a personal brand that is in alignment with your gifts

  • Clearly define your product and/or service plus pricing

  • Align your passions with your business

  • Establish your unique offerings

  • Consult on ideas, prioritize how they fit into your business

  • Translate big picture goals into day-to-day action

option two

launch a program, product or service

  • Establish vision for program, product or service (course, membership site, book, etc.)

  • Ongoing support to refine offerings and work through any blocks that come up

  • Clearly define pricing model

  • Create the marketing plan of action

option three

collaborative creative support

  • Establish brand identity (logo, fonts, colors, website, social media)

  • Work through individual pieces of content and create copy/visuals

  • Website layout and organization of information

  • Editorial calendar development and social media plan of action

  • Copy creation and editing (website, social media, etc.)

  • Website design plus a tutorial on how to maintain your site

  • Website template implementation

  • Newsletter template design

  • Company re-brand


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