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Your health is part of you
but it does not define you.

My work is inspired by my personal healing journey, living with chronic illness and surviving a bone marrow transplant at 21 years old. It was at this time that Kundalini meditation, Reiki, sound healing and journaling came into my life. These practices gave me my power back at a time when I felt lost, scared and unsure of the future. They introduced me to a powerful concept that changed my life forever, we are each our own healers.

Kundalini meditation taught me how to have discipline, to sit with myself each day, connect to how I was feeling and create an unbreakable trust with myself. Reiki was introduced to me in the hospital while I was going through my bone marrow transplant, it allowed me to feel the energy I was holding within my body, and gave me permission to soften and release blockages preventing me from fully healing. Journaling became a trusted practice, one that allowed me to not just think my way through but to write my way through, finding clarity and the answers I was looking for within myself. Sound healing took me on a journey, allowing the vibrations to shake up parts of me that I needed to connect deeper to, and to release the parts of me that I no longer needed to hang on to.

I believe in the bodies innate capability to heal. A diagnosis is not a life sentence but an opportunity to understand ourselves more deeply and experiment with a new way of being. One that involves a lot more gentleness, love and ease.

Everything you need is within, my approach will give you the tools to connect to your inner healer and feel empowered on your healing journey.






What is Kundalini Meditation?


What is Kundalini Meditation?

Kundalini Meditation is a technique of meditation that works on the entire being: body, mind & spirit combining mantra, breathwork, mudra and focus with the goal of inner awareness and higher consciousness.

It is a highly effective and practical tool to connect with the limitless power you hold within. Through this practice you will learn to master your energy, calm your nervous system, release blocks and strengthen your nervous system.


What is Cultivating Inner Awareness?

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What is Cultivating Inner Awareness?

Cultivating Inner Awareness is the practice of stillness and self-inquiry to connect to your inner healer.

It is knowing that the most important relationship in your life, is the one you have with yourself.

It is giving yourself permission to be the fullest expression of who you came to this earth to be.




What is Kundalini Mantra?

Mantras are sacred sounds and a powerful practice in Kundalini Meditation. They contain vibrations that have a particular effect within you, creating a healing experience that works deep on your subconscious.

Enjoy this Kundalini playlist, play it at your home or office, learn the Mantras and connect to your breath as you chant.


Retreats and events


Retreats & Events

July 4-7th 2020

Self-Compassion Retreat with Consciously Connected Travel

Join me for an immersion retreat weekend in collaboration with Consciously Connected Travel.

The theme of the weekend will be self-compassion, a concept that is at the core of everything I stand for and teach. We will practice Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, journal, connect, breath, laugh, and have a fun, judgement-free weekend. You will leave with practical tools that you can take with you even after the weekend is over to create more ease, love and awareness in your daily life.



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About Hilary

Hilary brings together the elements of Kundalini meditation, coaching, journaling, Reiki and sound healing for a transformative and integrative healing experience.

She believes deeply in the bodies innate ability to heal itself and has dedicated her life to supporting her clients with the tools to be their own healer, connect to clarity, clear space and cultivate inner awareness through stillness and self-inquiry.

She was guided to do this work through her health journey, living with chronic illness and surviving a bone marrow transplant at 21 years old. It is because of the ways in which she has been able to heal herself that she found her purpose on this planet, to support others in doing the same from a place of empowerment and compassion.